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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Blend - 'Stars & Stripes'

The Blend deploy distorted guitar and real 60's beatnik vibes which instantly get your foot tapping. Their sound is reminiscent of both The Who and The Small Faces; however, I hate to pigeon-hole bands as that's done far too easily by lazy writers. The Blend bring that sexy, dirty 60's Soho sound to 2017 with a little modern kick and it works brilliantly. It's very rare that you hear bands playing distorted guitars in 2017, it's usually nice, safe 'indie' guitar sounds that 'the man' can play on the radio at 2 in the afternoon in time for the school run... modern life is rubbish. Anyway the lads sent me over their latest single, 'Stars & Stripes' which is a subtle insult towards that massive pop dictator Simon Cowell! It's a good tune, I approve!

A few minor guitar licks start us off, then momentum gathers and a few chords are strung. Its got that massive sound from the off, that you know, just gradually builds. Lyrics kick in and they're dirty and raw, just how we like em! The backing vocals used complement the lead vocal too which is always ideal! The hammond organ in the background is ace, I'm such a sucker for a bit of the old tinkly ivories like! In terms of production the track is solid and sounds fresh and new. It's loud and doesn't hold back. 'Stars & Stripes' is a calling card for the X-Factor generation telling them to do one basically. We need more tunes like this that speak volumes about our talentless, over-televised national full of idiots who think they're gonna make it in the music industry.

This tunes got some great effects in it which really add to the sound. I really like what they've used towards the end of the tune which sounds a bit like 'Baba O Riley' by The Who it helps to close the tune brilliantly. If you want a track that stands up for itself and shouts in yer swede then get on this tune. It's energetic, loud and in your face and is definitely worth a listen. Check it out here

Also some hot off the press info about the band they will be recording a brand new music video very soon at Adrian Smith's (Iron Maiden) studio so keep your eyes peeled in the near future...


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