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Wednesday 5 May 2021

Paul Weller X Sunspel a Review...

Clothing and music have always gone hand in hand as far as I'm concerned. Clothing is something which should be taken seriously from the day it hits you, it's your suit of armour, it's the way you present yourself to the world, it allows people to form opinions on you before you've even uttered a word, powerful that innit? Anyone reading this will have their style icons, inspirations, the people they look up to and hold in high regard as esteemed clothes horses. Depending on what you're into your emphatic figures will differ but if you're into Modernism it's likely that Paul Weller will be first name on the team sheet in your best dressed 5- a side team. Paul's looks have spanned decades, lead the way and always pushed the boundaries in the right way which I believe is the true definition of Modernism. Brands come and go in this fast-fashion world however one which has stood the test of time is Sunspel and it just happens to be one of Paul's favourite labels. 

With all good collaborations the two parties need to compliment one another and Paul Weller for Sunspel does just that, it just works. Stunning colour pallets, clean lines and fabrics that will outlast a thousand other brands this is a collab which has 2021 Modernism at its heart whilst taking some inspirations from yesteryear. Paul and Sunspel were very kind and sent me a few pieces to try out and it's safe to say they're some of the best garms I've ever owned and believe me I've owned a lot of gear. Without further a do here's my view on THE collab of the year...

Paul Weller for Sunspel Men's Cotton T-shirt in Raspberry/Navy

For the non-clothes conscious a T-shirt to many is just a T-shirt; however, to people who are disciples of the cloth a T-shirt can be a powerful wardrobe staple which forms the basis of many an ensemble. This one happens to be one of the best quality T-shirts I've ever owned. Made from Sunspel's lightweight supima cotton, the quality is of the highest grade and feels delicate yet retains that high quality feel and aesthetic. They're lightweight and ideal for layering, under an overshirt or a jacket or even for just wearing on their own during the summer months. The colourways these have been produced are complimentary to the wearer with; Raspberry, Avacado and Ecru all making the cut and being paired with a contrasting Navy to add that etch of detail. The colour palette chosen is perfectly neutral and looks good on the wearer, no question. I found the fit true to size yet cut slightly slim creating that sleek silhouette. It's safe to say this is one of the best T-shirts you'll own and an investment that's well worth the punt! 

Paul Weller for Sunspel Men's Merino College Jumper in Raspberry/Navy 

Ivy League inspired knitwear done this well is almost impossible to find in today's market. So many brands have tried to give us a slice of America's elite college campuses but have never came as close as this. Paul Weller for Sunspel have smashed it out the park with their take on the classic college jumper. Seen here in a deep navy/raspberry colourway the simple yet totally striking design will catch anyone with good taste off guard. It's stunning to put it simply and does exactly what it says on the tag. With a duel stripe to the left arm and a matching neckline the college jumper shows real detail in great simplicity.  Coming in a slightly heavier than usual merino wool this is a piece which will last you for years to come. It fits true to size and sits perfectly creating those smooth, smart modernist tones we all desire with every look. This needs to be worn with just a T-shirt underneath in order to show off it's simplistic design, don't over complicate things with a button down underneath as knitwear like this needs to take centre-stage and in my humble opinion should never be worn with a shirt underneath. As always with Sunspel the quality is first rate and this is a serious investment piece which will still look solid in the seasons to come. The other CW is green/ecru and once again Paul and Sunspel have picked a palette that brings subtle cool to the table rather than 'obvious mod' which is what you get with so many other brands these days. 

Paul Weller for Sunspel is a stunning Modernist collection which also boasts polo shirts, trousers and a lightweight mac for those strolls about town. It's 2021 Modernism in a nutshell, great colour palettes, smooth lines, and timeless pieces that should be cornerstones in every mans wardrobe. The quality is a cut above the majority of collections you'll see on shelves and these are real investment pieces. The collection has been very popular so far but the majority of pieces are still available here get involved while they're about because they wont be here forever, and if the past is anything to go by the resale prices will be sky high! 


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