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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Merc London SS17

Merc is one of those brands alongside Fred Perry and Ben Sherman that I started to buy when I got into the scene back in 2008. They always produced great cloth and visiting their Carnaby Street store was a highlight of mine when in London town. I never thought for a second back when I was 14 that I would work with them a few times a year! Just goes to show that good things come to those who are sussed! I've got to know a few of the lads who work for them over the last few years and they're a top bunch of fella's! Around this time of year we always get asked to review some garms from the up and coming Spring/Summer range and it is always our pleasure to do so. As usual the lads have been mega generous and have sent us some great gear! So here's to a successful Spring/Summer 17 Campaign for all at Merc London!

Monkey Jacket

The Monkey Jacket or 'Bomber' jacket as some call it has always been a staple of any budding Modernists wardrobe. Short jackets in general have, but a Monkey Jacket done properly is an item you can't really ignore. For years the highstreet has dished out badly designed 'baseball' jackets with daft popper buttons and emblems galore. This tat should not be confused with a proper Monkey Jacket which is exactly what Merc have produced for SS17. It's a straight-talking menswear classic and looks ace when worn properly! With a shower-proof outer this jacket is ideal for those spring/summer darts to the boozer during those inevitable summer showers. We were sent the Black/Cream colourway and it looks superb! The colours contrast one another perfectly and the instantly recognisable Merc crown logo sits perfectly on the chest. The sizing is bang on in these so buy your usual size and get wearing it! I've been on the lookout for a decent Monkey Jacket for ages and Merc have hit the spot with this beauty! It's also available in a Navy/Red colourway too so there's a choice to be made when buying. Ideally paired with a nice bit of knitwear and selvedge denim for a casual look or dressed up with trousers and a good pair of trotters the Merc Monkey Jacket is a great addition to any lad’s wardrobe.

Avery Shirt

Merc have always made a good shirt and this one is no exception. With a neat button down collar and geometric print the details are all there. The shirts colour scheme is Red,White and Blue and will be ideal for those Beer garden days with the lads. I've paired this shirt with a royal blue Fred Perry Jumper and it looks sweet. The fit is good like most Merc stuff and it has to be a tucked in top button open job for the best look in my eyes. The crown logo looks great in Navy on the chest and adds that all important detail. The only thing I'd add would be a collar holding button at the rear which was a regular feature on Merc shirts 08-11. An all-round great shirt that would look cool on any sussed chap.

Picton Knit Polo 

Merc have always done a knitted polo properly and their designs are up there with Smedley and Fred Perry Laurel. This one comes in a Navy backdrop with contrasting dogtooth pattern. It's a really cool piece with great features which really makes it turn a few heads (I should know). Let's start with the main pattern, a striking dogtooth in Cream, Red and Navy which takes this classic design to a whole new level. The left sleeve features the Merc crown emblem which is a nice small detail to add some brand identity. One things Merc have always done right is the collar on a knitted polo. The collar has to be right and here it is, with a slight point and cut away detailing it sits perfectly above the three-button placket. The weight of the collar is always a factor I always consider (when buying a bit of knitwear) and it flops perfectly once ironed. See that's Modernism for you we obsess over tiny details that the regular chaps don't care about! Overall a great addition to any man’s wardrobe, a timeless menswear classic.

Manton Knit Polo 

The 'Manton' takes Merc's knitted polo template and pushes it to a whole new level again with a superb design. It features the type of patter you'd expect to see on Austin Powers' carpet. Proper groovy vibes and it looks really cool on too! It's the type of pattern that makes you go dizzy by just looking at it. That's definitely a good thing as I've always said, "If you're not turning heads with what you're wearing then it's time to change!" From a Modernists perspective that is true and the 'Manton' will definitely turn some heads in the boozer. It utilises the cool three button placket and the perfectly designed collar to bring you a great wardrobe staple which can be dressed up or down you know the drill. Top piece!

Birch Breton Stripe Jumper

You can't whack a bit of nautical inspired knitwear and Merc have produced a corker with the 'Birch Breton Stripe Jumper'. Looking back over the years I've had many pieces of Merc's cotton knitwear and still own the majority of them today. They've always been made with great quality materials and been designed so well that they look mint years later! Anyway, back to the 'Birch' it’s a great bit of design this! Red and White stripes across a Navy crew neck with the brands iconic crown emblem to finish it off. The stripes are breath of fresh air to an area of knitwear (the crew neck) which is often designed without any real imagination or idea by most highstreet brands. They usually mass produce crew necks in boring, bland colours that even your Grandad would turn his nose up to. The cotton used to create this piece is great and will last you a good while. Looks great sat underneath a Harrington or any other smart jacket. I wouldn't wear this jumper with a shirt underneath as you just don't do that with patterned knitwear. That's just my view anyway! The 'Birch' is a cracking bit of knitwear that is ideal for those spring layered looks.

Merc have taken inspiration from their humble beginnings back in 1967 to source some ideas and vision and it's really paid off. Overall a great little SS17 collection which sets the marker for more great cloth to come. Have a butchers here


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