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Friday, 15 September 2017

Art School - 'The Bridge Over The Railroad Tracks'

Art School have been around for about 20 years. They've played America, Germany and many Mod do's over the years. They were a three piece until the others retired so Jordi along with some other Spanish sessionist musicians got the new tracks recorded.

He kindly sent us over the E.P. entitled, 'The Bridge Over The Railroad Tracks' so we gave it a listen. Here's our thoughts on the 4 track...

The title track opens with the sound of trains in the distance which can only lead me to one comparison, The Jam's, 'Down in the Tubestation at Midnight'. So yeah a great start to the EP. Jordi's vocal is strong and defiant against which provides a comparison to what you hear all over the airwaves at the moment. The lyrics pay homage to when he used to work for a pharmacy company. The band as a whole sound tight and this adds to the overall production value. The hammond organ compliments the guitars brilliantly and this is an element that many modernist inspired bands have ultilised perfectly over the years. The track ends with a great minor Jam esque chord that shifts you back to 1979.

Second track, 'The Gatwick Trail' is seriously psyche inspired. Bouncy guitars fill it will a real upbeat groove that wouldn't go a miss on a new Roses LP. It pulls you along this tune and would fit ideally between two bangers in one of my DJ sets. The band bring this tune to the fore and the listeners ears are treated to superb layers and tones. I'm digging this one! The percussion is perfect here, and just sits in the background, filling in that back-beat like a great defence in a footy team. All in all a lovely little tune.

Track three is an excellent cover of The Jam classic, 'Ghosts' off their final LP 'The Gift'. I must say it's really refreshing to hear a Jam track covered so well. I'm used to hearing them covered by shit tribute bands in pubs up and down the country. They even get the Trumpet parts right which is a first for any Jam cover I've ever heard! This cover gives 'Ghosts' a new lease of life in 2017 and afterall that's what Modernism is all about. The cover is a tribute to Jordi's love of the Weller trinity and is a tune which encouraged him to be honest/sincere in his own lyrics.

Final track of the E.P. is, 'Tiring Avenue' opening with a cheerful horn segment similar to a fanfare it gives you that final bow that every E.P. needs! The lyrics relate to Jordi's first set of housemates in Ealing Common. All the band play their parts with passion throughout this tune and it's the type of song that could easily be a single. Great vibes all round and a cracking little E.P. Art School have definitely got more to give, check them out man!


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