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Saturday, 7 October 2017

A chat with Amy Saunders Tindall of Madcap England

Here at Move On Up we've always been big fans of Madcap England so we caught up with their new designer Amy Saunders Tindall to see what's been going down at the 60's inspired brand of late...

MOU: Tell us about your background
AST: I am a qualified fashion designer with a BA in Fashion & Textiles from the University of Huddersfield. Upon graduating I managed to get a job at a retro dress company called Lindy Bop, designing 50s inspired fashion. I have since been lucky enough to take a year out and travel Australia, this allowed me to gain plenty of inspiration from my surroundings and led to me working for Madcap England.
MOU: What drew you to working for Madcap England? 
AST: Madcap England has a distinct audience due to the clothing being inspired by the past. I liked the fact that its different, not following trends but making them!
Primarily, I felt that this company would be a great foundation, enabling me to achieve my goals of designing and producing garments for the high street. Because Im involved with the whole process from start to finish, Im gaining great experience in all aspects of fashion.

MOU: What sums up the Madcap England brand?
AST: Madcap England is a brand that aims to bring affordable 1960s and 1970s inspired garments to the contemporary era, with major influences from Mod culture and the Mod Revival trend. Although our garments are inspired by the past, the contemporary twist that we put into the design allows us to appeal to customers of all ages. We have a clear focus on quality, fit and attention to detail.
MOU: What inspires you when creating a new piece? 
AST: When it comes to the garment design, the shapes of the clothing are inspired by the 60s and 70s era. However, I always put my own twist on the designs and make them stand out in crowd.
I also design my own retro and contemporary prints. Im highly inspired by nature, be it wildlife or plant life. I find nature to be beautifully pure, not always perfect and never identical, and I want to portray this through my work. 
MOU: Do you look at any public figures to gain ideas for new pieces? 
AST: I tend to look at the style icons of the past rather than the modern era, people like Keith Moon, Steve Marriott and Twiggy. The fashion they wore is totally aligned with the Madcap England identity and still relevant for todays customers. 
MOU: What other brands are you inspired by? 
AST: Brands that I find truly inspirational are the likes of Pretty Green, Gabicci Vintage and Mademoiselle YeYe, as well as high-end designers such as Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. 
MOU: What era is the most inspirational to you as a designer and why? 
AST: It has to be the 60s - thats when things started to become bold, prints became fun and colours clashed. As a designer, it allows me to be more daring with my designs and be more free when coming up with prints - the bolder the better! 
MOU: What's new or coming soon for Madcap England? 
AST: Our new cycling-style tops are selling like hot cakes, also popular right now are 4 new t-shirts, featuring bold giraffe or octopus designs.  
Coming soon will be mens and womens shirts, in colourful and psychedelic prints such as octopus, flowers and seahorses. 
Also look out for new knitted tops in rich block colours, as well as some new additions to our range of womens 60s shift dresses. Watch this space!
MOU: Where do you see the brand going in 5 years? 
AST: Were lucky to have very loyal customers/fans, but I would love to see Madcap England become well known, and have a broader customer base. I aim to keep developing new ideas and expand the ranges; for example, were currently working on developing a colourful new range of womens vintage-style shoes. Importantly, well always remain true to the core identity of Madcap England.
MOU: Finally, what do you hope to achieve with the brand?

AST: I would really like to grow the Madcap England Womens range and make it equally as successful as the menswear. I want my work to be enjoyed by customers and take Madcap England to a wider audience. 

Check out their garms here


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