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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Bass Weejun Layton Kiltie Moc II in Wine Leather

Bass have been linked with menswear for what seems like forever. Established in 1876 in Maine, USA the brand have moved with the times from decking out the earliest of gents to slipping on the feet of the sussed lad in 2018 they've been a staple for generations. From Mcqueen to Weller the Bass Weejun loafer is a shoe associated with the cool society and is continuing to put it's stamp on men and womenswear in 2018. There really only is one loafer. From the first time I laid eyes on these shoes I knew that I had to have a pair and I knew they'd be the best pair of loafers I'd ever own. 6 years on and I now have three pairs and these are shoes that really set you apart from the averagely dressed chaps who duck and dive among the high street sales.

The one thing which is immediately apparent with a pair of Bass Weejuns is the quality. This is no different in the pair we have been kindly sent, they're a proper shoe with real character. The 'Layton Kiltie Moc II' come in a fine wine leather. They've got all the details including fringe, tassels and a bar across the front of the shoe. Although the loafer is shoe that's been done to death over the years I can't help but look at these Weejuns and think how different to the usual dross they look. Bass' design team have really hit gold with this pair of ivy inspired trotters.

Paired with jeans, trews or even chinos for that essential ivy look, the Kiltie Moc II set an outfit off from the ground up. They're comfy too, like proper comfy. I've worn these with all four trouser choices mentioned earlier and they allow you create a variety of looks from just wearing one pair of shoes. Unlike other Bass Weejuns I have, this pair wore in rather quickly and soon became a staple piece in my wardrobe. The leather soles add great levels of comfort to the shoe which is ideal if you're wearing them for work or a do. Ey you can even dance in these beauties and they don't half give you that added slide if you're into your Northern.

What can you say about Bass Weejuns? Timeless, classic and above all real quality. Each shoe makes a statement and this is no different with the Kiltie Moc II. They're lightyears ahead of the hundreds of dross loafers you see produced year on year by high street brands for their Spring/Summer collections. The thing I love about wearing Bass is the fact that the majority of people out there don't know what they are and if you bump into someone who does then a slight nod to one another will do.
Seriously if you don't own a pair of these yet go and get on it. I talk a lot of rubbish in life but one thing I know about is clothes. Trust me, Bass are ace... Get involved eh!?


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