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Billy Sullivan "Winter Of Discontent" a Review...

Monday 18 March 2024

Billy Sullivan "Winter Of Discontent" a Review...

As the sun set on The Spitfires, 2023 arrived and Billy Sullivan launched full throttle into a solo career. His debut record "Paper Dreams" received great reviews, check ours out here! It was as if the Watford Wordsmith had never left his post as voice of the sussed working classes. I caught one of the gigs last year in enemy territory (Sunlun) and it's safe to say Billy's fire hadn't gone out. He's always pushing forward with unstoppable force which puts many lesser artists in the 'Biz' to shame... 2023 was a big step for Billy, breaking away from the band culture and cementing himself as a solo artist. He took to the role like a duck to water and 2024 promises to be another one you can't miss off your calendar. 

Billy's latest single, "Winter Of Discontent" has all the familiar ingredients of the 'Sullivan Sound' we've become accustomed yet it's another step towards a totally new destination. "Winter Of Discontent" paints a picture of our cruel, Sunak led, dystopian reality. "How is this country great? when we can't put food on children's plates" hard-hitting yet so very true, a lyric which puts those deluded, flag shagging melts back in their place. This tune firmly wipes the slate with this "Rule Britania" ideology which so many "patriots" of this country live by, no matter how wrong they are... "Winter Of Discontent" does exactly what it says on the tin, a political message which isn't overtly shoved down your throat and rather just points out the obvious facts which people should pay more attention to. It's got an electric groove to it which doesn't let up until the final chord's been struck. This single is the perfect advert for anyone wanting to get on a forward-thinking solo artist with a 2024 message. Billy's refined his craft expertly here, blending drums, guitar and bass to create a cocktail of his best bits which will leave people hankering for the next single. 

Played live this tune is a fucking monster, and breaks the set up perfectly, separating the old and the new. The band and Billy have gelled like a good spine of a promotion winning football team in that they've got all the key ingredients for success. I really like the fact "Winter Of Discontent" is a song only Billy could release in this climate, as where other artists shy away from speaking the truth, Bill wades in snarling and finger pointing at those charlatans in the wrong! He calls them out for what they are with a gentle nod to yesteryear. Unlike the last Spits record (Play For Today) where many of the tracks could easily slip into a nightclub set, "Winter Of Discontent" is more at home in front of a sussed crowd of gig-goers who know the fucking score! Judging by its 10,000 plus Spotify streams, the single is making waves and so it should! Billy's prolific songwriting credentials are a war-chest that many artists could only dream of! "Bow to the King and pray, that God will save those reprobates" a staunch reminder of the sycophant society we live in... "Winter Of Discontent" is a hard-hitting grover that throws the listener into the harsh 2024 reality of the U.K. where the vast majority of people are unfortunately struggling to survive under this archaic political "party". Billy's gaining serious momentum so far this year with no signs of stopping. His next solo appearance at the renowned 100 Club on Oxford St is on Friday 14th June, don't miss the "Summer of Discontent" get your tickets here!


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