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Friday, 22 April 2016

The 'Porter' Chocolate Corduroy Three Button Jacket from Modclothin

Pete from over at Modclothin was very generous and sent me the absolutely stunning 'Porter' Jacket. The three button jacket/blazer has been a Modernist staple since the scene began and like all good brands Modclothin have re-invented it once more! 'The Porter' is a Brown cord blazer with all the details. With a paisley lining and ticket pocket this piece is stunning and oozes sixties Modernist. The quality of the piece is outstanding and is well worth the price tag. I don't know of anywhere that does a cord jacket as good as this.

The cord used for starters is superb and retains the same quality all over the jacket. Three button and high fastening are some of the main features to this superb piece and they carry the sixties aesthetic beautifully. The paisley lining comes silver and looks good enough to be worn inside out, the care and quality of details like this show how much craftsmanship has gone into making this jacket and it reminds me of the pieces you see on the old Carnaby St pictures. I've worn it with a Fred Perry Italian knit and a Uniqlo Candy Stripe Ivy League style button down and it looks sweet with both of those. When walking about in it you can tell it's turning heads and people are wondering where it's from. Take a look on the high street today and you won't find a jacket of this quality and aesthetic anywhere. The buttons are of great quality and are attached firmly which is always good there's nothing worse than a jacket with loose buttons let me tell ya!

The jacket reminds me of something the art student mods of the early to mid sixties wore. Mixing practicality with style is something this piece does well. You can wear it with jeans or trousers and it compliments both very well. I wouldn't wear it with cords though, you can have too much cord! The jackets are made to order and come in short, regular and long lengths. They're also available in Raspberry,  Burgundy and Latte. I can see these jackets getting big on the scene, so be sure to get yourselves one! The fit of the Porter is true to size and is slim and sleek like in all good Modernist items, remember it's all about creating those good lines! A proper piece of kit which would improve any mans wardrobe no matter what! Get yours while you still can!


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