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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mr Free Shirts

We are lucky enough to have received a lot of clobber over the past few years at Move On Up from generous people and companies alike. Recently Chris over at Mr Free Shirts sent me two stunning shirts which have not left my back since. From the collar role, right down to the pattern this lot have the button-down shirt truly conquered...

Geometric Polka Dot patterned long sleeve Shirt

Where to start with this corker? Firstly the material used is superb, it's quite frankly the best cotton I've ever had in a shirt and feels great on. This one comes in yellow with a trippy green, brown and white Polka Dot pattern covering the shirt. With a three-finger button-down collar being one of the main features you can tell it's a great piece before even trying it on! The shirt fits fantastically and sets you apart from the standard highstreet buyer in an instant. I've worn mine with trousers and selvedge denim and it compliments both looks perfectly. A good shirt can make an outfit and this beauty from Mr Free certainly does that. I've had a few questions like, 'Where did you get that pal?' on nights out and at gigs. You know it's a cool shirt when people are asking where you got it, that's for sure! I love how the pattern is a new take on a old classic, it reminds me of one of those trippy oil lamps which change colour. Marriott, Lane and definitely Weller would dig a shirt of this calbibre so you should too!

Micro Dot Red and White long sleeved Shirt

Leaning more towards the classic polka dot design Mr Free once again deliver with this shirt. This design has been replicated by many brands and few come close to the quality and craftsmanship of this Mr Free piece! With a strong three-finger button down collar, with the perfect roll this tidy bit of kit turns all eyes on you as you enter the boozer. It looks great styled with selvedge, red socks and a good pair of trotters. Proper Style Council circa 84 vibes. The buttons are mother of pear and have 'Mr Free' etched into them, this is a great little detail and one that all Modernists will love. It's great to see shirts being done properly again there's too many tiny collars out there for the people who strive to fit in. They don't want to stand out with a proper collar, they'd rather wear what their mates think is 'cool'. There's many brands that could take a leaf out of Mr Free's book, if more brands followed the same aesthetic that these lads follow, then there would be many a sharp dresser lining the streets.
Proper gear for proper people get yours here: https://www.mrfreeshirts.com/collections/paisley-polkadot


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