Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I Rudi: "Nothing but Routine"

Italian Mods 'I Rudi' bring the 60's sound forward to 2016 with a passion. I took a listen to their debut LP "Nothing but Routine" and decided to write some words to accompany it.

It's great to hear some Hammond Organ played so well in 2016 and I Rudi have this down for sure! The tunes are quick and punchy and hit the ears from the off. You can imagine loads of cool Italian geezers digging them in the clubs in Milan and Rome. As a Modernist I take a lot of inspiration from anything European and I Rudi optimise that cool culture from across the water. The tunes are well recorded and have your foot tapping immediately. The production is good too which makes a change from the majority of shit you tend to hear when out and about! Although I can't understand the lyrics (unfortunately I'm not fluent in Italian) the melodies are enough to have you digging this album from the start.

Although the sounds are quintessentially modernist they carry a 2016 essence with them which brings the album to life. It shows what we are missing over here when guitar bands from across the water can produce sounds like these. Barring The likes of The Spits and Towzer we don't have many guitar bands who are wearing their hearts on their sleeves like I Rudi are! I Rudi remind me of 'The Riots' from Russia another European Mod band who have taken inspiration from the 60's and revival sounds and made it their own. The album consists of 8 tracks and is a good size as it allows you time for that all important second listen which is always needed when listening to a new album.

I've been really impressed with the quality and diversity of the tracks I Rudi have produced here. They have created an album with a variety of sounds. The Hammond work is particularly special and comes together to create a great vibe and a great overall album. It's good to see bands taking risks again and making music their own! Nice work Lads! Take a listen to some of the tracks here:I Rudi Soundcloud


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In loving memory of Denise Pottinger