Monday, 24 October 2016

The Senior Service: "The Girl In The Glass Case"

The ads over at Damaged Goods Records have sent us over The Senior Service's debut album to review and it's a cracker. As you can imagine we get sent a lot of music here at Move on Up and we are very particular about what we promote and review! When this record came through the door we just had to put some words to it, long story short, it's absolutely superb!

The lads take you on a soul infused, funk filled instrumental journey which pushes your ears to the limits. With divine Hammond paying and guitar sounds which could jump from the Flamingo straight into a 70's Cop Drama you know it's going to be an ace listen. I've always admired instrumental music, it really shows the craftsmanship which goes in, to put something across without the use of lyrics. I suppose my love of instrumentals all started when I heard The Style Council's "Party Chambers" instrumental version for the first time when I was 14, unreal stuff. The Senior Service take things in a whole new direction, yeah the sounds you're hearing are recognisable but they sound equally as fresh and modern as anything out there which is worth listening to!

With arrangements so vast and ear-warming you'll need a few beers and some comfy headphones to really take this album in, it's so well constructed and has great depth and it's layering, well that's a different story altogether! What I'm trying to say is it's complete quality and needs to be among your record collections ASAP.

It reminds me of the greats like Georgie Fame and Booker T to name a few and I reckon they'd both really dig this record! It echoes The Last Shadow Puppet's latest LP "Everything You've Come To Expect" in terms of its orchestral esque arrangements. Senior Service have got bottle to produce a totally instrumental album in 2016 and they've pulled it off! You need to hear this.  It oozes creativity and really shows up the chart 'guitar' bands like the 1975 for example. The less said about them the better.  

I've always digged instrumental music and "The Girl In The Glass Case" has really brought this genre home for me. The intelligence behind the music is unrivaled and the lads have done a sterling job. We need more tunes like this in 2016 to shake up the Xfactor driven music 'industry' and Senior Service have made a great start! Nice one boys!


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In loving memory of Denise Pottinger