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Monday, 14 November 2016

A chat with Paul Brown from Get Up Clothing.

I've bought from Adaptor Clothing for many years now and when I heard they were expanding on their brand by producing another in house brand named 'Get Up' I knew we had to get on it! So I decided to have a chat with one of the string pullers behind the scene and a good mate of mine Paul Brown! Read the exclusive interview below.

DP:  So I believe Get Up is the new in house brand at Adaptor Clothing. How did it come about?

PB: Get Up came about for several reasons. Over the last 4 years or so, we have built up the reputation of the Adaptor own label range, establishing strong relationships with suiting, knitwear, outwear, casualwear and shirting factories. With these contacts, we felt the time was right to launch a new label that could be sold to other retailers in our market and would fill the gaps left by many traditionally mod/skin inspired brands. By giving this new brand a separate identity, we could try to create a brand with also broader appeal (beyond just the mod and skinhead purists) and avoid a conflict of interests with retailers who weren’t keen on stocking the Adaptor own label range for competitive reasons. Also having Adaptor ‘behind’ the brand, we knew it would give it credibility with both consumers and retail clients alike. Get Up seemed to tick all these boxes.

DP:  What inspired the initial designs?

 PB: The original objective of Get Up was to provide a brand that was universal accepted as Cool, Classic and Copacetic by almost every man. We knew where the gaps in the menswear market were, and we knew what we were capable of through our factories, so work begin on developing some statement pieces that would give the brand a running start. In an attempt to build a brand with all the mainstream appeal of menswear heavyweights such as Ben Sherman and Lambretta, we were sure to avoid the clich├ęs of a ‘Mod’ brand (targets etc), but still design garments that echoed ‘retro cool’. What mainly inspires Get Up’s ranges are all the things that were contemporary and cool through the late 1950’s and 1960’s (the golden age of menswear, in our opinion), whether they were Mod or not. Get Up’s DNA makes it very much a British brand, but we’re also looking to America, France and Italy for inspiration too! There was lots of cool stuff going on outside of the Mod scene.

DP: I love the look you're creating with the clothing. Was it important to get it right from the off?

PB: YES! With all combined here at Adaptor, we have extensive experience in visual merchanising, product development, buying, selling, trend forecasting and marketing. We have the benefit of being a retailer, as well as a wholesaler, so we have a pretty good idea of what sells and why. The colour palette for each season is based on what we’ve seen work well and where we think things are heading. Each season is also developed with coordination and wear-ability in mind. Most men need to be able to look at a garment and know straight away how to wear it, or what to wear it with; we also want to encourage retailers to buy across the range by ensuring all the garments look great together and the colour story is consistent through each season’s range. Get Up’s mission is to empower men to utilise colour in their outfits, and encourage them to expand their wardrobes from the usual blues, blacks and greys. We’ll be very steadfast in achieving this mission and vision!

DP: Are there any items in the collections based on original pieces from the say the 1960's?

PB: Without giving too much away, we’ve found some great sixties pieces that we’re incorporating into our SS17 and AW17 ranges. As we said before, many of these design ideas are from scene’s going on around or at the same time as the Mod boom of the 1960’s, so you wouldn’t necessarily class them as mod, but mods will love them! We’re keen to bring some more unusual and ultra retro styles back into the menswear consciousness… so retro and obscure possibly, that they will almost seem brand new and never before seen. We have access to entire catalogue and magazine collections from the late 50’s and 1960’s; these are treasure troves for ideas and have inspired some really exciting garments and colourways that will really shake up the menswear market! Watch this space…

DP: Who's wearing the gear?

PB: We’re casting the net fairly generously with Get Up. Primarily, Get Up is designed for the market that we at Adaptor already cater for and understand, guys aged 25 to 55, for whom a retro, and somewhat mod inspired look, resonates. Men that buy Get Up, are into their music, going out in the evenings and at weekends, very much into their sports, aren’t afraid of dressing smartly and above all, understand what the way they dress says about them. This isn’t clothing for the office, it’s not performance clothing for sports, it’s not clothing for doing the gardening in…It’s clothing that represents what these guys are into and isn’t shy about saying it. This is clothing for the weekend warriors, the lads, the legends and the characters in life. Get Up has personality in spades, just like those who wear it. Get Up is also, very much, a brand for men. Menswear and men’s fashion is so under represented and men are generally so under catered for. Get Up aim’s to change that! 

DP: Cheers man!

PB: All the Best

Get the gear here


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