Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Year, New Us; Introducing Move On Up Blog 2017.

2017 has arrived and the car crash that was 2016 has done one! Phew! This year Move On Up enters it's 4th year in existence and with this big occasion approaching we thought it would be fitting to bring you an all new logo and site design...

Like all good Modernists we progress and move forward constantly. We loved our 2Tone roundel which adorned the site since establishment back in 2013 but we felt it was time for a change. You have to push on and move away from the rest of the stuff out there! The new site showcases a fresh, clean Modernist outlook. In our humble opinion it's the best design out there and we know you're all gonna dig it! We've made sure it's easy to navigate so you can access all the articles, old and new. It's bright, clean and cool and carries the ideal aesthetic for a site like ours.

The logo was easy to design, I'd had the idea a while and it was just a matter of getting it sketched and designed. We wanted a stamp-like design which incorporated the letters 'MOU' and that's just what we created! It looks great and again really sets us apart from the rest of the designs which are out there associated with the scene. A wise man once said, "Looking good isn't important, it's everything." That man was Mr Ben Sherman and he was very right. We wanted to take this ethos forward with the new designs.

Overall everything has changed for the better, we have given the site a full makeover and have brought it into 2017 with style. The contact form has been updated which makes it even easier for people to contact for business or just general enquiries. We hope you all enjoy all that we have done with the site, it's been a please to work on! Most importantly remember we are the ONLY site you need to read based on the Modernist Fraternity as we provide the coolest content! There's lots to come in 2017 and we hope you're all looking forward it as much as we are!



(Editor of Move On Up Blog)


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