Friday, 23 December 2016

The Rising: "Olympus / I Want You (I Need You)"

The Rising are a great bunch of lads with an ever developing sound. We reviewed their single, "Free My Soul Tonight" last year, a single which received rave reviews across the board. They're back with a new double A-side single "Olympus/I Want You (I Need You)" which has been a pleasure to review. Find some words below...


A big ambitious single which shows the lads progression over the last year. Opening with a few chords of guitar the sound steadily builds from there with Hammond and Drums coming into play for good measure. Then Tommy's vocal hits you and you know what you're going to be getting over the next 5 minutes or so... Quality! "Olympus" The production of this track is great which makes a change from the usual shite you hear over the airwaves. The main thing I dig about this track is the variety of sounds the lads have worked into it. They've made this single BIG and BIG is good! Too many bands are scared to be different and push boundaries but The Rising along with The Spitfires and Tame Impala are doing just that! Great harmonies compliment the main vocal and this builds to form a catchy chorus, which every good tune needs. I could imagine this getting played on the soundtrack of a British cult film. The coda consists of guitar playing which could fit nicely into, "Half the World Away" and is used really effectively! I love the use of a coda and when done well they can finish a song off brilliantly. One of the main things you can take from this tune is the quality playing from the lads, you can tell they're really tight and together! It's a great song, with soul and spirit and I strongly recommend you get it in your ears!

"I Want You (I Need You)"

What sounds a little like a grungy guitar sound opens the track, and is soon accompanied by some great synth effects reminiscence of the likes of Human League in their pomp! I've always loved that 80's electro-pop sound when blended with guitar music, proper New Romantic stuff. Ace! The guitar, drums and synth go hand in hand throughout this tune and give you a complete opposite experience from the one you'll get with "Olympus". That's what a single should be about, making the first track different from the second. Too many shit bands put out a half arsed single with a terrible B-side to accompany a poor A-side. Not these, lads this double A is filled with musical intelligence and is a joy to your ears. I can see it going off when The Rising play this live! With an anthem-like chorus the tune really adds a sense of pace to the single as a whole. It reminds me of early Maximo Park, another band who utilised synth correctly. A song of lust, passion and love it takes you on a journey longing for the characters triumph! "I want you, I need you..." gets into your head and has you repeating it for a good while after you've listened. Overall great tune and my favourite of the two! Nice one chaps, another good single!

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