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Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Spitfires - 'Move On'

I've had affinity with these lads since around 2012 when I became mates with Billy. We instantly became friends through our common love of Modernism and the working class pleasures of pubs, clubs and cool clothes. Since the heady days of 2012 the lads have moved from strength to strength getting in the faces of the shit which is all over the radio and TV. The Spits have taken the true meaning and ethos of Modernism (moving, progressing, expanding) and have used this to full effect. What I mean by this is, they never stand still, they never just settle and accept, they constantly push barriers and raise standards and they always will. Their sound is like a successful football team, they have the key figures and the spine of a solid team but they constantly change their creative/attacking options season on season to achieve success. This brings us to April 2017 and the Spits have just dropped the video for new single 'Move On'. It arrives at a time when a snap election is looming and the usual Facebook politician gobshites are awaking from their politically deprived graves whilst still doing nothing and just typing drivel into a box...

'Move On' is The Spitfires in 2017, it's a working class war cry to prepare people for the four horses of the political apocalypse. It arrives at a time when we need it most, good music can wipe away the blues of the mundane and that's certainly something it does. The video starts with some 'The Streets' esque imaginary of a kid doing a wheely on a bike but its being played backwards. Ace, Mike Skinner would dig that! Billy then steps out of a shop with his ice blue Weavers on and you can tell he's a man ready to spout some words of wisdom. Drums, Rick, Bass and we're off.

"It don't matter if you're Black or White, we merge together in this fight." Stunning line this, harking back to what Hall, Black and Wakeling fought for during the days of 2Tone and Thatcherism. It's amazing to see the political parallels between 1980 and now... scary. The dub/Ska overtones in this tune really add something to The Spits' sound and keeps them progressing. The added brass parts from Jamie are sublime and move together with the sound as a collective. Billy and the lads are calling you out to fight what is about to come. Once again Chris' work on the tinkly ivories is great and fits the tone of the song  perfectly. In terms of young bands The Spits are the most progressive and that's why they shouldn't be ignored! They've got bottle and aren't afraid to put the cat amongst the pigeons. They're fighting for issues that matter and not pretending to be Rockstars like the 1975's embarrassing 'frontman' who pretended to smoke weed under a table at the Brits. The less said about that weapon the better...

'Move On' is The Spitfires in their finest hour with the praise for their second LP 'A Thousand Times' hot in their ears they swagger into 2017 providing the sussed with hope for Britain's musical state. It's a tune with a message, a tune with real meaning. The media is saturated with shit about the political state, Billy's voice is the only one you need to listen to. So many musicians move away from current affairs when songwriting but The Spits get it spot on. 'Move On' takes you on a Ska/Dub inspired trip to the heart of some of 2017's most potent issues. 'Move On' means something and will be an anthem which old Teresa won't be able to get out of her head. 'Move On' is set to be released on May 19th on Catch 22 Records. Let's start a revolution...


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