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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A chat with Darron J Connett

I've been lucky enough to know Darron for many years and our mutual love of Modernism, music and clothes has lead to us becoming good mates. I caught up with Mr DJC to chat about Mod, clothes and of course tunes ahead of the release of his debut solo album. 

DP: So you’re going to be releasing a solo album soon?

DJC: That I am. Yeah its a long time coming considering I released my debut solo EP in 2007 lets just say I was distracted...

DP: What made you decide to do this?

DJC: Well it was always the plan really, in fact there should never of been a 'CONNETT', 'The Last of the Troubadours' or 'Black Noire' I'm glad there was as it allowed me to do things I may not have been able to plus its been a massive great pleasure working with such fine people with exceptional talent that I can call my mates. Life's like that and so far I've had an incredible time making music so got nothing to grumble about
really have I? Making music is my main creative outlet so the more I do, the happier I am.

DP: How does this compare to your other projects?

DJC: Well it means I don't have to compromise in anyway except for the restraint of funds and right now that's very important to me as I guess on a personal level it's me validating my music and art because I guess people have preconceptions that I should sound a certain way because of the way I look but if they don't know by now it's not what do so hopefully people will now get it.

DP: What’s your vision for this LP?

DJC: Its a concept album in the sense that all the songs are connected loosely based on my last ten years making music but not strictly biographical. It's about life in all its multitude of guises but none of that "The Tories are in I've got no job"  "I'm signing on the dole and my girlfriends a slob" because that's been done a million times & I cant add to that. It's more on an emotional level I suppose dealing with things we all experience, well according to Facebook anyway. It's a proper album rather than a collection of songs, it reflects all human traits hence why its called 'LOYALTY LIES'. Loyalty is my favourite human trait as it encompasses love, protection ,integrity and strength which are all positive things that are getting rarer by the day and we all know the outcome of lies but there's a double or even a triple meaning in there somewhere. I just hope people really love it and get it, as I don't want to end it but I ain't silly if its not well received I have to face facts but I secretly  hope it doesn't come to that. Everyone can relate to the lyrics, anyone with a pulse will understand it but I've tried to put a positive message in there and I know people will take from it what they want.

DP: Have you worked with anyone in particular on this project?

DJC: At first I wanted to cash in some favours and get some mates in from various bands to play on it and I've had some amazing musicians offering to be involved but then I thought fuck it if people buy because certain people play on it then so be it but then I changed my mind as I'd rather succeed or fail on my own terms plus I feel it's cheating. If this one works out then why not? Maybe a duet with Liam Gallagher that'll be nice as now he has no chains he  could literally in music terms go where he wants. For 'LOYALY LIES' it's just me Paul Hancock and the caretaker studio band with Phil Sorrell at the controls.

DP: Would you say it will be the best album you’ve released so far?

DJC: Ive only ever done two albums both with 'CONNETT' ...(available at 208records.co.uk). The rest were EPs or singles and I'm very proud of all of them but I have to say this one.

DP: Are you looking forward to going back out and playing live again?

DJC: Of course but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried that no one gives a shit and or turns up but theres only one way to find out. I love the live side of it and feel totally at home doing it, so absolutely yes.

DP: What state would you say Modernism is at the moment?

DJC: Now that's a question. In my house it couldn't be better but what the fuck do I know? What is going on with so called 'mods' walking about with BSA Bantums sporting quiffs and leathers claiming to be modernist are they trying to be ironic? Each to their own I've got my take on it and I understand it's a personal thing but stop calling everything mod its fucking hipster at best! I'm not judging but I like what I like, simple as that and the monkey boot nonsense I've never seen those look good on anyone to be honest but one man can command that so if that's what they want to wear then fair play. I've done the 'CONNETT' shoe with Delicious junction so I'm saying that's the way to go haha. Its everything I like from a shoe and its probably the first true new modernist shoe of the 21st century. Of course its always evolving as there's so much to take from it but no one can tell me what mod is and what mod isn't! I've gone and read all the books but at the end of the day its personal opinions and lets face it, mostly laughable but as long as every generation tunes in that can only be a good thing.

DP: Do you think Guitar Music needs to make a mass comeback and be in the public eye more again?

DJC: It's not necessarily about guitar music but just great music full stop. It's so wrapped up in nostalgia that people are blinded by the fact it's all been done before and to a much better standard. I've no interest in replicating anything that's been done before. What's the point in that? It's lazy and easy to do of course use your influences that's natural but be clever about it. Join or form a tribute band if that's the case otherwise you're not real you're fake regardless of what they say its watered down gravy. We don't need another Oasis or another Jam we've already got those so bring something else to the table then people will truly sit up and pay attention! 

DP: Where can we get your new solo LP?

DJC: As we speak you can preorder at 'indiegogo crowdfunding' on vinyl or CD which is going really well. It'll be available hopefully in September and hand on heart you wont be disappointed plus it could be my last record but I can't really decide that yet, it all depends how well received it is but if you like great music by real musicians who are trying to push it forward then you'll love it!


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