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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Michael Parrett - 'Last Year's Model'

This tune is the B-side to Michael's debut release, 'Television' and what an absolute tune it is! I haven't been sent a track for a while which I've instantly dug. Transport your mind to 1967 when all the mods started to wear tassels and rainbow patterned gear. The summer of love was in full effect and this tune brings the essence of hat time to 2017.

Beginning with guitar licks very similar to Status Quo's 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' (their only good tune) you know your ears are gonna be in for a treat. Michael's vocal is powerful and driven, none of this soppy poppy bollocks! The video's cool too all in black and white which gives it a really 'Clockwork Orange' vibe ace! The band are really tight and drive the song forward giving it progression throughout. 'Last Year's Model' isn't just a song it's a whole vibe, it could be used for a host of scenarios in film and TV and would not sound out of place being played on mainstream radio, bout time all the fat cat execs started to put their money where their mouths are instead of playing shite all the time. It's a real foot tapper and would light up the floor in any DJ set. With an overall running time of 2.46 it's a short, sharp tune which has you hooked by the end wanting to hear more... "Keep your lies coz they're creeping up behind you killing what was good inside" great lyric, one which i could link with a few people I know.

Michael plays this tune with great swagger, attitude and confidence and more singer/songwriters should take a leaf out of his book. I can see this lad getting big in 2017 no doubt! Get amongst the tune here


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