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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Idle Talk - 'Against It All/ Just Another Day'

We've done a few bits with Brighton based Modernists Idle Talk over the last year. So it's an absolute pleasure to be able to review their fresh double A-side single 'Against it All/Just Another Day'. Produced by Andy Lewis the new single oozes progression from the lads and kicks off summer 2017 in a positive manner. Idle Talk are consistent and are definitely a band to keep tabs on, oh and they're nice lads too! so without further a do, here's my thoughts on the single...

'Against It All' 

This tune kicks your right back to 1980 when the revival was really taking shape and bands were churning out tunes all over the shop. It's got a huge sound which really harks back to the likes of Secret Affair and Makin' Time etc. The lads utilise this well; however, and use it as a vehicle to carry their 2017 aesthetic. "What's that you're saying, now your backs against the wall? You've got a southern voice but you've got a northern soul". This lyric shows a real maturity in writing from Louis which is complimented by a great brass section. I've always loved brass being used properly alongside guitar music it adds that cultured 'fill' which so many bands need in order for them to stop producing shite from 2007. Idle Talk are progression nicely and are moving forward with every release. The production on this tune is spot on and really showcases the bands talent as musicians. "You've got a vote, but you don't know who to vote for because you're against it all..." Another lyric which really highlights the times we live in with all the post Brexit negotiations and political austerity from Mrs May and the rest of the Murdoch puppets. Bands that speak about current affairs get a big thumbs up in my book man! Overall a great tune which splices influences from all over to make a song which sits comfortably alongside the bands getting all the undeserved airplay.

'Just Another Day' 

The B-side or should I say double A, is a more more sombre affair. It really showcases Idle Talk's ability to change their sound from track to track. Not many bands can do this and it's essential to turn any A & R man's ear believe me, I've met a few and they're proper fussy geezers. Anyway like the previous tune the production is bob on and sounds great through the stereo. I can definitely see me spinning these in my up and coming sets. Tune starts of with an orchestral type atmosphere and then the subtle guitar kicks in. Can imagine a fella walking down a quiet London street if they were ever to produce a video to coincide. Louis' vocal again is really potent and hits the ears in the sweet spot. The rest of the band play brilliantly on this one and the chorus is the absolute pinnacle of the track. "Walking down the street where we used to play" it's a really reflective number which has you casting your mind back to the days of kicking a tennis ball against a wall with your muckas. I'm mega impressed with this single, it's the first thing that I've listened to numerous times in ages! Well played guys! Find it


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