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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Merc London A/W 2017

I've been wearing Merc London gear since I was about 14. I remember buying my first ever piece on Carnaby St in about 2008 (a black 'Harris' cardigan which I still own) and thinking, "Jesus I look the bollocks!" I was 14 and it cost me 65 quid so was a massive deal to me back then! That's just one tale of a working class Mod kids voyage to discover more exclusive clothing than the average lad. Back in those days you could only buy Merc online and at their prestigious Carnaby St store (RIP) so when you were bopping about boro town centre with a crown emblazoned cardigan on you got a few questions off the other less-sussed 'Topman lads' as they were coined back then. Anyway fast forward to 2017 and once again we are taking part in our biannual review of one of Merc's two collections. If you would have told me at 14 I would be working alongside a brand I love twice a year I'd tell you to do one. So cheers to the generous lads over at Merc for the lovely garms, here's what we thought...

The Monkey Jacket: 

Classic, timeless and easy to wear this season's Monkey Jacket comes in a lovely wine colour with contrasting cream collar and cuffs. It's 'showerproof' outer makes it ideal for those quick dashes to town before the really shitty weather arrives. It helps you create a proper classic looks when worn properly. I recently teamed mine up with some indigo selvedge, white Novestas and a cream FP knitted polo and it looked ace if I do say so myself. It's got a real Martin Freeman vibe and would definitely suit him. Ideal for that lad about town who's also into his footy and his tunes. Proper tidy little piece which fits great and has that consistent Merc quality to go with it.

Willow Dogtooth Zip Track Top: 

I haven't worn anything like this for years to be honest but Merc's latest effort has really surprised me. A track jacket with some ace dogtooth detailing on the front. It's 80's 2Tone meets modern menswear. It looks great zipped up fully and gives off that hybrid vibe of a cardigan crossed with a jacket. I first wore this with some jeans and walla boots and it looked bang on. The red crown logo is ace and gives it that added Merc identity. Made of a soft cotton you can feel the quality an the fit is slim and neat so looks great on any young buck looking to carry it off. Ideal for a Saturday at the football followed by a slow jaunt to your areas best boozers. What's not to like? It fits well, feels good and looks ace. Deffo one to add to your A/W wardrobe man.

Altree Stripe Polo: 

Has to be said I think this is my favourite piece from the new collection. Merc have taken some great inspiration from the past and chucked it into 2017 head first. A long sleeved silhouette with a detailed racing stripe down one side is simple but very effective. It's so much better than all the rubbish out there that tries too hard to be overtly 'mod' something which I hate about clothing. If you like it and think it looks cool then just wear it! Anyway this piece is great and ideal under a light jacket. The sit is bang on nice and slim which is ideal for a long sleeved polo shirt. You need the arms to be a little tighter which they are and for the bottom to not be too long which it is. This colourway features black, grey, burgandy and cream which strangely goes together very nicely. A really great piece which will add versatility to any man's wardrobe.

Pollack Geo Print Polo: 

A nice simple piece this with great detailing. A hybrid sort of item which is a mix between a tee shirt and a polo shirt. Made from a very soft cotton this piece is ideal for layering underneath some knitwear or for wearing on its own on one of those warmer days. The geometric print across the front fills the entire torso and looks great on the black background. With a neat two button placket this piece sits neatly and looks great under a jacket or when worn on its own. Simple, effective and easy just what you need for a casual day around town.

Selham Printed Wallet: 

I've always loved a wallet. Proper menswear sort of thing for me. This one is great. Navy blue with some nice red and white racing stripe detailing. The inside is covered in scooters which gives it a great look to go with all the shrapnel you will collect over the weekend's boozing. A wallet is a wallet but this ones a nice wallet so get yourself one.

As always some great pieces from Merc shop the collection here


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