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Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Spitfires Live EP a review...

If you know me, you know I've followed these lads since their humble beginnings way back in 2012... Since then, the lads have become an unstoppable force on the scene, touring relentlessly around the U.K. and Europe. They've played on the Andrew Marr show, released 3 critically acclaimed albums and are now embarking on one of their most busy tours to date. March 15th 2019 saw The Spits release their 'Live EP' was was recorded at one of their favourite european venues 'Monkeys' in Hamburg, Germany. Here's what I thought of this EP track by track...

1. The New Age

Billy opens by saying 'It's good to be back in Hamburg, this is our sixth time now I think, let's make it the best yeah!?' and with that the opening chords to this stomper begin. This tune is a hurling force which hits the ears from the off and hits the listener so that they're instantly listening. It's a song which is on a mission and uses the spits foundations of tight guitar parts and snappy drums to deliver a rousing song which spits truths of life in 2019. You can clearly hear how tight the band are here and they're a live sensation bursting with passion, agression and serious firepower. 'The New Age' perfectly captures what The Spitfires are all about and that's electric, emphatic live performances like this one.

2. Tell Me 

An old favourite reimagined and played live with such force that if blows the roof of this gaff off. Another explosive tune which hits new levels when played live like this. Fresh from the applause of 'The New Age' the lads launch straight into 'Tell Me' which tells tales of teen angst and peer pressure which hit the hearts and minds of the audience as they stand in awe at this tornadoing triplet of power. 'Tell Me' feels like a tune which could come from the latest LP, 'Year Zero' but it's got that 2019 feeling whilst being originally from the bands early releases back in 2012. It comes to an abrupt stop as Billy's Rick dances in the reverb.

3. Year Zero

An instrumental track which takes influence from Ska and Dub, entwining the two with the bands ethos. It creates an almost calming bridge between two highly charged tracks with the band then leading into two other stormers. 'Year Zero' is both calming and reflective yet chaotic and hectic at the same time. There's so much going on and Sullivan commands the stage with a giant-like presence as he stomps about leaking the songs main riff from his guitar. 'Year Zero' is almost like a middle eight of the set and allows the listener the perfect opportunity to hear just how tight this band really are.

4. Stand Down

'Stand Down' has become a cult classic within The Spits live performances over the last few years. This is one of the most raw, live recordings I've heard of this tune and hits the listener hard from the off. "Spend a life time ignoring the fashions" a lyric which resonates with every Modernist... The brass sounds particularly sharp during this tune and it complements the guitar and drum parts perfectly. The band are at their most powerful when all the ingredients of brass, guitars and drums work together in perfect harmony like this. this performance has even more punch than that of the Andrew Marr one and is the ideal advert for the band. Billy says, "Hamburg is here" towards the end of the track and you can tell the band are savouring ever moment of this gig with every chord struck.

5. On My Mind

The final track of this superb EP is 'On My Mind' a poetic love song which once again showcases the various sounds this band have in their locker. The brass is packing a punch and the guitars are working at 100mph, rattling this tune out. One thing which becomes apparent though this tune is Sam's harmonies which sit alongside Billy's vocal and take the track to new heights. This track also highlights how focused the band are when playing live and it's delivered with a degree of professionalism which you don't get with most bands. Played lads!


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