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Sunday, 9 June 2019

The 'Bullitt' by Delicious Junction a review...

We've been fans of DJ for years here at MOU. They produce timeless footwear with that modern edge that sets the pace for head turning footwear in 2019. Over the years they have had some iconic styles and the 'Bullitt' is one that has become a firm favourite with fans of the brand clamming for a reissue once the first model was long sold out. Based loosely on a 'Sanders Playboy' that the infamous Steve McQueen wore in the film 'Bullit'. Luckily for us the generous people over at DJ sent us a pair of the second issue of the 'Bullitt' to wear and enjoy. Here's my thoughts....

The striking feature of these shoes is the black wrap-around sole which instantly sets them apart from any other standard highstreet shoe you see on the feet of every Tom, Dick and Harry. They're a statement from the floorboards up and set you apart from the fella who's wife buys his gear... The design has changed slightly from the first pair DJ released but like all worthy Modernist brands they're moving forward with their designs and styles with every season. The 'Bullitt' are built to last and they're the ideal boozing partner and wedding guest, perfect for both smart and casual occasions.

When paring these with the right look it's important to factor in the sole and the overall vibe you want to go for. McQueen looked boss in these, so you can too! I found they work equally well with everything I wore them with for example they looked at home with a pair of selvedge denim and some checked strides, easy... I am big fan of the colour options DJ have produced this time round with Ginger, Black and Chocolate being brought to the fore you can guarantee you're gonna get yourself some attention when out on social duties, nothing better than a head turner ey!

Overall, the 'Bullitt' are a timeless classic that have been brought up to speed to become a menswear classic again in 2019. They're versatile, comfortable and are sure to be a hit among the style conscious this year. Ideal for the man about town, the capucinno drinking people watcher and the susssed soul stylist. Copp a pair here!


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