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Monday, 12 August 2019

In Conversation with Billy Sullivan...

I've known Billy for years now and it's safe to say we have a lot in common... We haven't done anything for the site in some time now so I thought it was only right to catch up with the main man behind The Spitfires and pick his brains...

MOU: So mate, ‘Enough is Enough’ has just been released how does it feel to have it out there? (I think it’s your finest work yet!) BS: Relieved really. We recorded it back in January and knew how good/different it was. We just decided we wanted to get it out as soon as possible to mark the start of the next chapter. MOU: What inspirations did you draw on for the single? BS: Was a mixture really, 'Southern Freeez' by Freeez was a big tune for me at the time. Also Hard Fi - which is why I was delighted to have Richard Archer remix the track for the B-side. It was also only supposed to be a 3 and a half minute track. But we starting jamming to a loop after doing a take and the outro bit suddenly came together. MOU: I feel as if it’s the dawning of a new era with the release of this single, do you agree? BS: Yes 100%. Lots of things have happened with the band in the last year - new management, working with Simon Dine, going back to a three piece e.t.c. It feels right to now push on and do something else. MOU: What’s next in store for you and The Spitfires? BS: We’ve got the album in the bag, so I suppose it’s just plans for that really. We want to tour and go abroad as much as possible. MOU: I feel your writing has always reflected the times, do you think the change in political climate will draw more songwriters to think more politically about their writing? BS: No not really. With social media and all that rubbish, it’s so hard to have an opinion without people jumping down your throat. It’s not an easy thing to say ‘I believe in this’ or ‘I’m going to write about that’. The bands I admired growing up always had a political stance - I think people forget that. Or they just didn’t understand it in the first place which is what I find more frustrating. You’re now seen as extreme for saying these things or being ‘to the left’ as I am. MOU: Modernism is ever moving; how do you think it’s changing? BS: It’s been going backwards for years - I no longer consider myself part of all that. It’s become a bit of a joke and completely about nostalgia. I get a bit of stick now and again for saying this but who can blame young people for not getting involved if they go to gigs surrounded by people considerably older? Our gigs are just starting to change, we’re seeing a lot more people our age or younger which has always been the aim. MOU: We’ve both always been into our clothes, how would you describe your look at the moment? BS: I don’t really care anymore haha! I’m into Lacoste and Adidas these days. I always have been but more so at the moment. Striped t-shirts too. MOU: What new artists are you digging at the moment? BS: There’s an artist called Sault - which there’s no info about them online but they released a record a few months back and it’s really great. MOU: Which artists do you think will ‘blow up’ in the remaining months of 2019? BS: No one really. Or no one that will be remembered in a year. I’m past caring now, I just do what I do and if it happens great. I try not to get hung up on it because music is just so boring at the moment. MOU: Sum up Modernism in one sentence… BS: I really couldn’t tell you anymore.
David and Billy at The Spitfires gig at The Cluny. 

Check out the music video for The Spits latest single 'Enough is Enough' here!


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