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Sunday, 20 October 2019

In Conversation with Mazeys...

MOU: When did Mazey's begin?

M: Mazeys was literally a business born from the high streets. Originally, starting out in market stalls around East Yorkshire towns back in 1969 just trading footwear (just as the mod era was in full flow). 

MOU: Who opened the store/site?

M: Towards the early 2000s, it became clearer and clearer that for Mazeys - online was the way to go. We could stock a wider range and also regularly engage with mods right across the country. We managed to develop a very popular facebook group - that we still run today - and that’s where most of our community hang out. 

MOU: What are your three favourite brands you stock? 

M: It’s a tricky one this. However, for various reasons - if we had to narrow it down to just three - we’d first have to go with IKON Shoes (as they produce some incredibly unique and high quality mod footwear), then Relco for their nostalgic styles that carry on with throughout their clothing line - and finally of course, a bit of a ‘pat on the back’ but our own growing Mazey's line too. 

MOU: What would you say is your day to day look?

M: It varies. However, as you would expect - it’s very much stock that you see in the store. So that could include a classic twin striped polo shirt one day to a rainbow colour jumper the next. I’ve got a favourite though and that’s a simple graphic tee with my classic harrington jacket and pair of jeans.  

MOU: Who influences your style?

M: There are a whole range of inspirations. If I had to guess and narrow it down - it would be the uprising music scene that came about during the late 70s (that you can see regularly exhibited on the site as well as our social media accounts). 

MOU: What brands should people look out for in 2019?

M: As we expand our range of great value goods - I would hope that and Relco and Run and Fly are always coming up with wonderful things and some great takes on the vintage and nostalgic aspects. 

MOU: What is currently selling well on the site?

M: At the moment the Who Replica T-shirt is proving very popular and the rockabilly northern soul bowling shirts also. 

MOU: Sum up Modernism in a sentence...

M: To keep it brief. For me, the concept of Modernism is been your self looking for ideas from the past to move it forward.

Check out Mazeys here!


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