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Monday, 16 December 2019

In Conversation with Methods...

We caught up with Birmingham based band 'Methods' and had a quick chat about what's kicking in their world...

MOU: How did the band start?

M: We formed about 5 years ago in Wolves. A few of us already knew each other and we put a few adverts out for players.

MOU: Who were your main influences at that time?

M: We all like different stuff, but one of the artists that resonated through all of us was Bowie.

MOU: How did you start gigging?

M: We locked ourselves away for a while, and decided we best get off our arses and try something live or we would go mad. We started with support slots around brum here and there.

MOU: What was the first tune you released as a band?

M: A song called ‘Sanctuary,’ but we have come a long way since then - recently releasing our debut EP, ‘Anything.’

MOU: Do you feel your fanbase is growing?

M: It’s a very slow and gradual process, but every time we play live we always get a bunch of people who connect with what we are doing.

MOU: Where would you most like to play live?

M: It’s always been a bit of a milestone to try and get on the Wolverhampton Civic Hall one day in some form, that would a great gig for our next step (once it’s back open of course).

MOU: What's your long term vision for the band?

M: There isn’t any really, just taking each step at a time. We just love writing our own music and pushing ourselves, and that is what we will continue to do.

MOU: What's next for the band?

M: We are still promoting our EP. In the new year we have some recording time booked at Magic Garden, so we have new music and some gigs coming your way early next year.
The debut EP 'Anything' 


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