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Saturday, 9 May 2020

In Conversation with Moses...

As you are all well aware by now, here at Move On Up we like to keep our ears to the ground and discover the tunes that keep the British music machine cogs turning. Moses have caught our ever-sussed ears and we are very impressed with what we have heard so far. The argument that there is not enough "Good new music" out there is forever baffling me when there's bands like this cropping up! We caught up with the lads from 'Moses' to have a chat about their tunes and the release of their debut album "Almost Everything Is Bullshit"

MOU: How did you form the band?

MOSES: It happened a few years ago when three guys from BIMM music met a guy who moved to London from Bucharest to start a rock'n'roll band.

MOU: Can you remember your first gig? How did it go down?

MOSES: Yes, it was at the Comedy Pub in Leicester Square. It was really beautiful. We were the last band on the bill that night. I remember the band who played before, introducing us and kindly saying they saw our soundcheck and that "this band is by far the best on tonight's bill and not only tonight's bill. They will be huge' I'm telling ya!"

MOU: I love the huge sound on your singles, "Cause You Got Me" in particular, how do you go about producing that?

MOSES: Thank you so much! I think it's the songs - and very importantly - we were really lucky to work with great producers. The album was produced by Gavin Monaghan, except two songs "River Thames" and "Cause You Got Me" produced by Gil Norton. They did a fantastic job. 
We just played the songs! Of course we had some small ideas here and there but we believe so much in this theory: When you hire a plumber let him do his job 'cause that's why you hired him. Don't tell him what to do, just tell him what you want. Having said this, we would like to thank them both for working with us and making this LP happen!

MOU: Your album "Almost Everything is Bullshit" is due for release, what are you most looking forward to about its release?

MOSES: The songs really. We cannot wait to see those ten songs out together as ten brothers and sisters getting out there in the world together, trying to change something. To send a message, a thought, a state of mind, some joy and hope.

MOU: What is your favourite track on the record and why?

MOSES: Very hard for us to do that honestly. We love them all but if you wanna know M O S E S and understand what they are trying so say with their music just listen to 'Cause You Got Me' and 'Waiter'.

MOU: Have you got any big gigs planned to coincide with the album's release?

MOSES: At the moment, because of all this madness with corona and lockdown, we don't know anything. Hopefully, we can get back on stage in the not too distant future.

MOU: Do you feel the album will lift lockdown spirits?


MOU: What's next for MOSES?

MOSES: We simply don't know. Let's wait and see!


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