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Sunday, 12 April 2020

'Long Long Gone' by Nick Corbin a review...

Nick Corbin is no stranger to people who've had their ears to the ground for great sounds over the last decade. New Street Adventure were a breath of fresh air when they burst onto the scene in 2011, a fresh soul dynamic with Nick at the helm spreading their 21st century soul message to the sussed. New Street Adventure released two superb records on the legendary Acid Jazz label, "No Hard Feelings" in 2014 and "Stubborn Sons" in 2017 both received critical acclaim and brought the perfect modern day soul sound to a scene which was seriously lacking before the arrival of NSA! Fast forward to 2020 and the aptly named "Mod Mike Skinner" Nick Corbin is back with sounds and vocals fresher than anything you've heard this year. With his forthcoming debut solo album "Sweet Escape" due to be released later in the year and two singles, "Can We Do It Again?" and "Never Did Look Like Love"already in the bag, Friday 10th April sees Nick's latest release "Long Long Gone" ready to be set free into the music populous of  2020...

From the off this tune hits your every fibre leaving a lasting impression. The 70's synth which you hear in the opening bars sends the message to all listeners that Nick is not messing about here. It's a groover and represents Nicks ability as a song writer to move forward and push boundaries whatever the tune or occasion. "My stubbornness leaks like a broken tap, drip, drip, drip on your dreams" an opening line which shows the quality of the craft that is Corbin's songwriting he never has nor ever will produce a tune without the quality being ridiculously high. One thing that strikes me about "Long Long Gone" is the superb production of the song. Every guitar lick, vocal, and instrument is bang on the money and makes this tune sure to be number one in your summer sets and playlists.

The chorus is the best I've heard this year, "Now that you're long long long gone I know I was wrong wrong wrong wrong..." it will have you humming/singing it for those hours on end you stare at the clock in the canteen longing for the weekend. It's stunning and showcases that modern day soul sound that Nick and NSA created in the past brining it to 2020 with Corbin well and truly at the fore. The middle eight is perfectly placed and adds so much to the tune. "I know my friends hope I've learned but, next time I'll be fine, I understand their concerns but, next time I'll be alright..." this eventually leads to the final chorus and finishes off three minutes and eight seconds of sheer soul perfection with enough punch to make you play it a further twenty times after first listen. Nick I salute you mate and if this is anything to go by (which I know it is) then "Sweet Escape" is going to be one hell of a record! Listen to "Long Long Gone" on all major listening platforms and order your limited edition 7" here!


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