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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

In Conversation with Stu Deabill...

It’s always good to catch up with mates and I recently caught up with my my good mate Stu Deabill who’s always got something going on. This year sees the release of his next book, "Soul Deep - Adventures With The Style Council" which is sure to be a hit with fans of the Modernist pop masters pining for more words on their beloved band. Our chats usually revolve around the ‘Holy Trinity’ of music, clothes and football so you guessed it, there's also more of that…

MOU: So you're busy writing Soul Deep, how's that all going?

SD: Really well. Everything about this book has been pretty straight forward. It’s rare that I get a strong vision on how something should be and for once, it seems to have paid dividends. Books I’ve done in the past have been a bit naive and a bit light on character, partly due to not being able to reach the big names but I think, Snowy, Steve and myself have built a rep these last few years and we’re trusted in staying true to the positive and delivering a great readable and high visual product.

I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve had some fantastic insights from many Councillors and associates. Also some great fan stories and unseen pictures make up what will be the best book I’ve been involved in and hopefully the finest book you’ll see all year.

There’s a lot of love for The Style Council, and thanks to Bax and Lee taking a pure leap of faith with the upcoming documentary, and our TSC talk events selling out in 2 days, so the time is right to fully celebrate the group with a special limited hardback book.

MOU: The Style Council have to be up there with the most forward thinking musicians wouldn't you agree?

SD: I just think Paul’s desire to keep things fresh and try different musicians made for exciting times. Mick is an amazing keyboardist. And using young, hungry players like Steve White, Helen Turner, Camelle Hinds, Steve Sidelnyk, Tracie and Dee C.Lee, brought an enthusiasm and belief to everything they tried. 

Like I say in the book, TSC crossed more genres on one side of an album than most bands do in a career. I’d never really thought about it until recently, but TSC’s first 8/9 singles are up there with anyone’s in my opinion.  So in answer to your question - yeah!

MOU: What tunes have you been digging in lockdown?


“Surrender” by Diana Ross

“Sunshine In” by Nick Corbin
“Mourning Air” by Portishead
“Rising Son” by Massive Attack
“Baptiste” by Paul Weller
“Boy Who Cried Wolf” by The Style Council

“Stone Love” by Kashif
“Open Up” by Lydon & Leftfield
“Timeless Melody” by The LA’s
“Might Bang, Might Not” by Little Simz
“Everyday” by Slade
“How Could I Lie To You?” by The Spitfires
“London Conversation” by John Martyn
“Hard Times” by Pablo Gad

MOU: When out and about (footy/boozing) what's your go to look?

SD: Weather related obv butEither CP / Lacoste Winter Coats / Burberry Scarf or Paul Smith Jackets. M&S crew neck jumper / Adidas Spezial overshirt / Benetton or Lacoste polo shirt. Levi 501s or Replay Jeans with a small turn up / Adidas Trabs or Clark’s Desert Trek. All quite traditional ‘Casual’ garms. For showbiz events, I’ll prob wear Zara gear. Love their top half clobber. Great prices. Can’t be having the chinos and fuck awful shoes though.

MOU: What would you say is your favourite trainer of all time?

SD: Adidas Wimbledon is the best trainer I never had. Wish they’d do a re-issue of them as I, for some reason missed out back in the day. Never been reproduced. Saying that the original Diadora Borg Elite was an amazing Claire Rayner as well. Kangaroo skin, came in a shoe bag, and the all-important BB signature. Looked fuckin marvellous with a pair of Lois Jumbo Cords (which I’ve just bought as it happens). Had a pair of reissues a while back but inferior quality and no signature as Diadora would have to bung the great Swedish tennis champion.

MOU: Is there anyone in particular you take clothing inspiration from?

SD: No. I see the odd person at football and think nice jacket or sweater but not to inspire me to dress like them. Left all that behind in the 80s tbh Potty!

MOU: AFTN was cancelled due to the virus is there any plans to bring that back once things clear?

SD: Probably have one last bash next year. The idea of club running isn’t that exciting or interesting for me anymore, even though they’re great nights. After 10 years I think it’s run it’s course. I’m 54 this year and I don’t want to be one of those weird fuckers touching 60 that sweats on ticket sales for what is a piss up and a dance.

MOU: What albums are on your 'Album of the Year' radar for 2020?

SD: Predictable really; Nick Corbin – “Sweet Escape”The Spitfires – “Life Worth Living”, Paul Weller – “On Sunset” , Khrunangbin - "Mordechai" and Sault - "Untitled (Black Is)". 

MOU: What's been your lockdown tipple?

SD: Coke Zero and Coffee/Tea. I don’t drink at home so up until recently I didn’t have a booze for 3 months. I’m a social drinker. It dawned on me after a couple of months it was the longest I hadn’t touched alcohol since I was 16. I don’t recommend tee-totalism unless you’re a recovering or practicing alky of course.

MOU: If you could have a day at the football with the boys or a night out at a gig of your choice, which would you choose and why?

SD: A day at the football with my mates. We’ve got this ‘Saturday Club’ thing where certain games always bring everyone out for the day, not to fight but to get on it. Most of us only see each other at football, it’s not only a good catch up but also very comical. Most of my mates are funnier than anyone you’d see on the telly. Proper piss taking! I’ve missed that big time since some fucker shagged a bat, and then Boris and Cummins basically fucked the country.

Football in empty stadiums? What absolute wank, No fans - no football. Should have cancelled it all!

‘Soul Deep - Adventures With The Style Council’ is out in November. Get all the news and updates here!


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