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Thursday, 3 September 2020

In Conversation with The Feens...

In July I caught up with my good mate Freddie Schmuck of Scarborough's finest (The Feens) to talk music and what's next in store for the band after a whirlwind couple of months...

MOU: You lads have been together just under two years? How do you think it's going so far? 


F: Good yeah! If you're going back to the very start, we've been together just over 3 years. We initially had a different name and just did covers, but then decided to start properly. If you'd have told us we'd be on Soccer Am, Radio 1 etc. at the start, we'd have snapped your hands off, so yeah I'd say pretty pleased so far but our aims and targets are always moving.


MOU: You've released some great tunes so far, what's next in line to be released? 


F: Cheers! Not quite sure yet. We'll be recording 2 new tunes in July all being well, so they could be songs that haven't been written yet. We're just going to try follow up on what we already have and keeping a similar formula, but at the same time it needs to be new and fresh.


MOU: "What Are You Dreaming" sounds great live, is it an enjoyable tune to play?


F: Definitely yeah! It's probably my favourite to play. We like it because it's dead easy to play and the melody in that tune is boss! Think that's why we chose to play it live on Soccer Am, we just felt that song fully captures what we're about.


MOU: You've got a solid line up of singles now, is there an E.P. in the works?


F: It's definitely an option mate yeah! We're just gunna see what's best to do when the time comes. It's something I think it's time for and we want to do. A run of vinyl's would be cool too, if we did do that as well.


MOU: Who are your main influences and the reasons you formed a band?


F: We're all really widescreen with our influences. We all knew each other before the band and knew we played instruments so we just wanted to see what happened really. We just really enjoyed making a racket together in the beginning!


MOU: You recently featured on Soccer A.M. how was that?


F: Amazing mate, one of those days you can't quite believe happened - still can't now! Watched that show religiously growing up and seen our heroes on there, so for us to do it was surreal and one we'll never take for granted!


MOU: Would you say it's up there with your achievements as a band so far?


F: Absolutely. 4 lads from Scarborough making music - I don't usually think people expect much. But there we were live on the tele. An achievement that can never be taken away from us!


MOU: Around that time you played two huge hometown shows in Scarbados, how were they? What was the reaction like?


F: Again pretty surreal! Think when we started is was always an aim/dream to play a big hometown gig where people would actually buy tickets and there'd be a buzz about doing so. So the first one sold out in 12 hours of going on sale and naturally added a second date which also sold out. The reaction on both nights was amazing, crowd was class and it was as good as we could have hoped for going off the reaction from everyone and online. Them shows coupled with Soccer Am puts it up there with the best weekend we've had.


MOU: What's next for Scarborough's finest?


F: Covid permitting we're back in the studio in July and hoping to get back gigging later in the year. Hopefully we'll have kept our place at all the festivals that are now due to take place next year cos there was some big ones. Finger crossed we can have a big year in 2021.


MOU: What have been you go-to lockdown tunes?

F: We did a few isolation videos that included “Hellcat Spangled Shalalala” and Blossoms' “Stranger Still” so they’re still available to check out. In terms of listening I've been on our good friends Fever, as well as The Snuts, Inhaler and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood soundtrack, there's some boss tunes on there!



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