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Monday, 16 November 2020

Teenage Waitress 'Love and Chemicals' a review...

'Love and Chemicals' is the debut album from 'Teenage Waitress' AKA Daniel Ash. You will all remember Dan from his years with his band 'The Lost Boys' they had some great tunes, put on a rousing live show and gained a cult following in Southampton and beyond! 2020 has been a great year for new music releases, despite the awful circumstances and 'Love and Chemicals' falls into this bracket with ease. Being released on Andy Croft's new label Colorama Records, 'Teenage Waitress' are out of the tracks and off to a flyer!

It's not often that you listen to a debut LP and hear a plethora of influences from the off, but Dan's a man of fine taste and you can hear the greats intertwined with his own song writing and arrangements. Album opener, 'High In Someone Else's Time' throws you into a psychedelic haze of Kevin Parker esque vocals and you could be front and centre at a Tame Impala gig, what a way to open a record! 'The Mess You Made Me Make' follows more traditional guitar patterns with sublime backing vocals which allow the listener to pick up on the solid production this album has engrained in its DNA. 

'Love and Chemicals' takes you on a journey from the first track to the last. The vast array of sounds which have been plowed into this record is astonishing and the only other record I could compare it too is Love's 1967 cult classic, 'Forever Changes'. 'I'm Leaving Berlin' could be used in the soundtrack to a Cold War spy film set in the city in the 80's or played at a hip indie do where only the sussed frequent. No two songs are the same and it illustrates Dans progressive song writing technique which pulls the listener to every nook and cranny in the stratosphere. Tunes like 'You Ain't Got It Bad' and 'Blue Walls' showcase Dans talent and just turn your head to how many different instruments and sounds are crammed into this stunning 12 inches of vinyl.

The albums mid-point 'First Draft Love song' echoes Macca and Lennon in Sgt. Peppers in that psychedelic infused masterpiece which saw them progress again, Dans progressed several times throughout this one debut, which is a truly wonderful feat to achieve in just one record! Most bands would kill for this level of progression across their careers let alone in one LP! 'I Don't Like This Party' is a shake-up track which politely slaps the listener around the face once again throwing more energy into the ring in this whirlwind of a record.
'TRAK!TRAK!TRAK!' is a distorted 21st century love song which Bowie would certainly stamp his seal of approval on in all its Ziggy Stardust glory. I've a feeling Dan will have a queue of people wanting to pick his brains after the sheer magnitude of genius that has gone into this album. 

'Primary Colours' , 'You'll Lose, My Love' and 'Sweetie' close the album perfectly but still leave the listener asking questions and longing for answers about the various characters and storylines they have became acquainted with on this joyful ride of culture, craftsmanship and love of the arts. Bravo Daniel son, you've smashed it! 


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