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Monday, 28 December 2020

An Acid Jazz Quartet

Acid Jazz is one of those labels that has been synonymous with scene since 87, founded by two of the most sussed geezers you could meet Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson they have always offered new and progressive tunes and sounds whilst also giving you that dabble of the familiar that you so crave every so often. In 2020 we haven't had much to shout about but Acid Jazz keep on churning out quality from their huge list of diverse artists. They're a label I have continued to rave about since my early days on the scene in 2008/9 so it will be no surprise to many reading this that I'm talking about them again. Here's an Acid Jazz Triple Header and three of the best releases you'll hear this side of the Covid vaccine. 

The Spitfires: 'How Could I Lie To You?' E.P.

During a year where being a musician has been harder than ever before the Spits have released their 4th LP 'Life Worth Living' and in September released this EP follow up 'How Could I Lie To You?' based on one of the real highlights of the record. Dark piano chords open the track with the sound of the rain against the window creating a sombre atmosphere. It's a tune which shows Sullivan at his reflective best drawing on his many influences to create a track with real craftsmanship behind it. This period for the Spits has made very apparent just how much of an asset they are to a label like Acid Jazz and once again the new breed is indeed being dug! The second track, 'Life's Worth Dubbing - Wrongtom Remix' shows the creative levels of The Spits and this is a tune which would fit perfectly into a Jamaican sound system mix wallabees in tow! 'How Could I Lie To You? - Meridan Sound System Club Mix' throws you into the heart of an Hacienda dance floor circa 89, its electro, spliced with modern dance floor dub and wouldn't sound out of place in the likes of Printworks and Boiler Room, think Real Lies meets Derrick May. The E.P. concludes with more dub magic in the form of the, 'Lost Souls Dub' which is a real groover from start to finish, if this doesn't get your foot tapping then you're not alive! 

Makin' Time: Rhythm & Soul LP

Now where to start with Makin' Time? My favourite band of the 'revival' period who I feel completely revolutionised the sound of the movement and brought it into the 1980's they were an absolute breath of fresh air with their soul inspired hammond with its 1980's pop friendly packaging which didn't sound commercial it was just a pure quality, catchy sound! Acid Jazz are releasing their stunning LP "Rhythm & Soul" on vinyl for the first time since its 1985 release. The band were signed to Eddie Piller and Maxine Forrest's Stiff distributed Countdown label it was seen as a possible contender for pop crossover and thus received a full on recording and marketing budget. No wonder as the tunes are up there with some of the best in this genre and the production on this record is second to none particular in the era of tacky synths and bad haircuts (we won't talk about the clobber). Tracks like, 'Feels Like Its Love', 'Here Is My Number' and 'Only Time Will Tell' are dance floor stompers which fill the floor in a matter of seconds when they're played at a do! Faye Hallam's sublime organ playing alongside her punchy vocals make this a record that is still a pleasure to hear in 2020. It's an album that has always brought me absolute joy when listening to it and if you haven't hear it now's your chance to bag it on 12 inches of milky clear vinyl only at Aciiiiid Jazz! 

Yada Yada: Subculture & Piktures

At the forefront of 1990's keyboard led Acid Jazz Mick Talbot and Chris Bangs brought us Piktures and Subculture under their Yada Yada guise and these records are back once again to blow your minds wide open. I've always loved these records they defined Modernism for me with their future outlooks which also take big inspiration and snippets of cool from the past. they brought the space age to the 90's with cool hooks, arrangements and experimentation and yes there were hints of TSC in there for certain! Two records which will surely bend your head if you haven't heard them and they open your mind to even more sounds which can only be a good thing! Forza Yada Yada man! These LP's are must haves in your collections and will certainly feature on future Move On Up playlists of mine! They're ideal to play to warm the crowd up at a gig and get the icy cool vibes going before the band come on. Micky T's genius never ceases to amaze me and himself and Chris Bangs were a match made in Modernist heaven under Yada Yada! Grab these before they're gone, they are essential records for your collections! Chris coined the phrase 'Acid Jazz' and these records were previously unavailable, so there's two more reasons to pull your finger out and bag these LP's! 

Fleur De Lys Poster Reproductions 

A band who were never truly given the recognition they deserved they were among the hustle and bustle of the sixties music scene as a beat band surviving the various waves of psychedelia before evolving into a Stax inspired soul outfit. They were often lauded for their consistently outstanding output and were one of the true unsung heroes of the era which shaped the modern world. Acid Jazz have reproduced a series of complete 1960's gig posters which are direct copies of the original prints and are signed by Keith Guster of the band! Definitely something which would look boss on the walls of a sussed gaff! Grab them before they go!

Find all of the above here!


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