Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Social Room: "Be Forever Mine"

I've been a fan of these lads since I first met lead singer Matty when I was on a post-gig night out with The Spitfires in Newcastle last year. He struck me as a great lad and we got chatting music and clothes, as you do! It's a pleasure to be asked to put some words to their newest single, "Be Forever Mine" So sit back and take a read...

Some tasty pedal effects pull you into the frame to begin the tune. Drums follow and then Matty's vocal kicks in. "She fell straight out of the night and into my arms" it's a modern love song with a real attitude and style about it. A tale of two modern lovers. It's a real dancy affair which has your foot tapping throughout, that's when you know it's a good tune when your foot is tapping along. The chorus hits you after the first verse with the catchy lyrics, "Be Forever Mine". You can see lads and lasses diggings this at gigs up and down the country.

I've really liked all of Social Room's previous exploits into the world of Indie Guitar music and "Be Forever Mine" shows them at their most mature. They're progressing all the time and moving forward. Just like true Modernists should. This single leaves you wanting to hear more and you just know that this is the start of a new chapter in Social Room's career. They've got a lot more to give and can't half write a good song! I'd love to hear this acoustically as I reckon that would add even more character to the tune. There's a definite gap in the market for songs like this, I just hope it hits the right ears first! Of course like all their other stuff the production is spot on and brings out the best in the band! It's shown again that they have staying power and are a band in full bloom!

Nice one lads, another tune to be proud of! Check it here: Be Forever Mine


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In loving memory of Denise Pottinger