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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Jack Perrett 'No Time For Me'

Jack Perrett is a solo acoustic artist from Newport in Wales. He first caught my attention with his EP, 'What you Sayin?' which he released last year. It's an absolute tune and really sets him apart from the singer/songwriter types who drone on about how their lass has left them for someone cooler etc. Anyway he's been steadily building up his rep over the past year or so and has gone from playing tunes in his bedroom to selling out gigs to hundreds of heads. I reckon he'll be the best thing to come out of Wales since 'Gavin and Stacey'...

This latest tune of Jacks absolutely screams out of the blocks and attacks the ears of anyone lucky enough to hear it. Once again his vocal is on point and bleeds great 90's nostalgia. 'No Time For Me' is a lot heavier than Jack's previous efforts but its such a great progression in sound for the lad! He's like a Jake Bugg who can actually write his OWN songs! The UK needs a cool singer/songwriter and have got one climbing the ladder in Jack Perrett. Jacks guitar work is second to none and he carries it off brilliantly. Can see this tune being great to DJ, it's fast and energetic and gets straight to the point! I'm really pleased that there's still people out there with the bottle to release a proper tune and graft for what they want. In comparison to the vast majority of 'groups' that get signed coz they wear Topman gear and middle class Mummy and Daddy have given them some financial backing (Insert The 1975 here).

Jack's definitely got something that most solo/singer/songwriters haven't got and that's raw talent. He digs what he does and really pulls the crowd in. 2017 is crying out for someone with the bottle to write decent guitar tunes from a solo perspective. 'No Time For Me' proper hits you. It's jangily 90's guitar mixed with heavy basslines which ring pleasantly in your ears. The guitar parts sound dirty and distorted and that's something that always makes me pay attention and it should you too! Far too many tunes now get over-produced in order to fit in with radio policies. Yawnnn...

Overall a truly cracking single from the young man from Newport. They have a lot to celebrate over there at the moment what with their Football League survival and having a great young musician like this in their mist. Seriously people get on this! Take a listen here


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