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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

'Mason' by Art Gallery Clothing a review...

We've been good friends with the good guys over at Art Gallery for many years now and every year we are lucky enough to be sent a piece of two from their collection. This time around the lads sent us the 'Mason Knitted Polo Shirt' in off white. Its a bonafide classic and is an absolute staple of a proper Modernist wardrobe.

The 'Mason' comes in many colours but the off white one really stood out to us. Off white gives you your base coat to paint the rest of your look onto. It works with everything, every colour you can imagine! Constructed from 100% merino wool this is a really fine piece of kit, it oozes class and sets you apart from the clueless highstreet buyer... In 2020 I really feel Modernism is moving towards the 'less is more' aesthetic and with this piece you optimise that with every wear. The fit is bang on and is true to size, being the smaller framed lad I opted for an XS and it sits perfectly under a Baracuta G9 or a thicker coat if off to the match.

Being a Modernist means details are everything, from the way you tie your laces to the way you turn up your selvedge, it has to be right and the 'Mason' gets its details right... Its long sleeved, has a three button placket and fold-back cuffs, these essential details pull it away from the imitating pack and crown it cream of the crop. The off white colourway always has me thinking of Mcqueen and Marriott levels of cool and is a refreshing change from the standard, black, white and navy colours you see from brands with no identity. The quality of this piece is second to none and feels great with every wear. For me this piece has more of an effect than something which is loud and properly in yer face! It gives the wearer that sussed look, the type where if you saw the geezer you'd say, "Yeah they really get what it's all about, they're proper, not some pretender!" Art Gallery have been producing gear that gives the wearer a look that propels them from the norm and the regular for years. Keep on and Shop it here!


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