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Sunday, 29 March 2020

In Conversation with James Leonard Hewitson...

Here at Move On Up we are very privileged enough to be given the opportunity to speak to many up and coming artists across the UK. We recently caught with James Leonard Hewitson to talk music and here's the result...  

MOU: What initially inspired you to write music?

JLH: First and foremost, I just love music. But the practical reason is, is that I could come up with melodies and stuff but I didn't really like learning that many covers, so I just started doing my own.

MOU: Who were your early influences?

JLH: Oasis, Jack White, Elvis, Queen

MOU: What was the first tune you ever wrote?

JLH: Me and my mate Ben wrote this song for our year 8 talent show called 'Blindfold Paradise' - that sounds a bit raunchy, but it was actually just about the beauty of not really knowing what you're gonna do in life. We were accused of ripping off The Zutons 'Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?', and people were probably right.

MOU: Do you feel the likes of Sam Fender and The Pale White are representing North East music?

JLH: On the guitar-pop front, wey-aye man!

MOU: Are you pleased with your finished album?

JLH: Yeah, you can lose your mind a bit going over and over the little details of it all, but in the end, I think I did my best with it.

MOU: What's next after this mini tour?

JLH: A few more gigs i.e. Stockton Calling, as well as a sold out acoustic show with The Primitives (who wrote 'Crash' from the Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack!), and I'll be demoing some new ideas with producers (my mates) to try and land a rough direction for some new stuff, for a new record.

MOU: Who is your dream support slot?

JLH: Mac Demarco.

MOU: And finally do you think the political climate will continue to inspire musicians to write music and push boundaries like you have done?

JLH: Of course, the political climate is never short of new material for artists.

The debut album "Only The Noise Will Save Me"


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